Identify Powerful Type Diet to Lose Weight

Identify Powerful Type Diet to Lose Weight

Various types of diets can be an option for weight loss. However, not all diets provide constant weight loss and have a good impact on health. Some types of diets may affect changes in body weight, but have an impact on the decline in health conditions due to drastic weight loss.

Various types of diets through advertising techniques promise effective weight loss. As a result, their products quickly attracted attention and public conversation. Although in fact, the effectiveness of the products sold requires certain terms and conditions of a consumer.

Popular Types of Diet

Just say mayo diet, high protein diet, and diet shake. These three diets have become hot conversations and are considered capable of providing weight loss more quickly than other diet techniques. However, did you know about the effects of losing weight too fast as offered by these three types of diet?

Mayo Diet

The mayo diet is actually a weight loss diet that is focused on changing lifestyles to be healthier. But unfortunately, there is an understanding and application of the wrong mayo diet. This misunderstanding of the mayo diet is closely associated with the grapefruit diet or fake mayo diet. In particular, the mayo diet encourages a person to consume low carbohydrates but high in fat by inserting grapefruit as one of the main menus in it.

The grapefruit diet that relies on fat-burning enzymes promises to lose 5 kg in 12 days. Low-calorie consumption which prioritizes high-nutritious fruits such as grapefruit is indeed a good choice for losing weight. But unfortunately, drastic weight loss due to undergoing a fake mayo diet is less recommended because it not only loses fat, but the body can lose fluid and muscle mass. Plus that the ability of fat-burning enzymes that are still not supported by clinical research makes this diet into the category is not recommended.

A High Protein Diet

In accordance with the name of this program, dieters are encouraged to consume foods that are high in protein but at the same time limit consumption of carbohydrates from grains, fruits, vegetables, and also cereals. The idea to be conveyed is to minimize carbohydrate intake so that the process of weight loss occurs faster. This minimal carbohydrate intake makes the body burn more fat as the body’s natural reaction in producing energy.

The high-protein diet itself is generally harmless for the short term. However, this does not mean that the diet is free of risk at all. Some health problems that can be caused are:

  • Too limiting carbohydrate intake such as fruits and vegetables can make the body lack of nutrients and fiber. If this happens, health problems such as bad breath, headaches and constipation can occur.
  • Consumption of high protein foods, such as red meat and fatty milk products, can cause high cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.
  • A high-protein diet risks putting urine containing calcium. Some experts also believe, this condition can cause osteoporosis and kidney stones. However, experts are still examining these two effects on the body.

It is recommended to consult with a doctor before taking this diet. Doctors can also help make a diet plan that still contains nutrients that the body needs. Especially for people with kidney disease, a high-protein diet should be avoided because it can interfere with kidney function.

Shake Diet

Alternatively, try a low calorie diet (diet shake) in part of your diet scheme. A study conducted in 2010 showed that a shake diet containing macro nutrients essential for the body managed to lose weight in 93 percent of participants who were obese. Not only that, diet shakes can also change body composition including improvements to the inflammation component and oxidative stress which are key factors that trigger chronic disease.

Diet shakes are also reliable when you don’t have a lot of time to shop and prepare healthy food. An expert stated that a shake diet can be an alternative choice when you often miss breakfast time which is important for controlling weight in the long term.

Then What Is the Recommended Healthy Diet?

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